Indo-Pak Grocery, Fresh produce, fast food, etc.

Sanjha Bazaar, Pennsylvania is your one-stop shop for all your Indian and Pakistani grocery needs. You will find anything and everything from your daily use groceries such as Dals and spices to Indian Juices to Indian Snacks and many more items. Sanjha Bazaar is proud to bring the best of Indian food to Pennsylvania. We also carry a huge selection of American, Middle east and Mexican grocery. Sanjha Bazaar now provides a truly authentic Indian fast food at an affordable price.

Indo-Pak Grocery

Sanjha Bazaar is a one stop shop for all your Indian and Pakistani grocery and spices.

Amercian Grocery

Sanjha Bazaar offers a range of American food and grocery products such as Kellogs, Pepsico, Kraft, etc.

Fruits & Vegetables

We are pleased to be able to offer an abundant variety of seasonally changing, fresh fruit and vegetables at the shop.


Sanjha Bazaar's Desi hut provides options for sandwiches, including freshly sliced meat and cheese.

Indian fast food

We offer variety of Indian fast food items such as Samosa, Chaat papri, etc.

Middle East Grocery

Sanjha Bazaar offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern Grocery, spices, pita bread, pastries, produce and accessories.

Mexican Grocery

Sanjha Bazaar is a grocery store for authentic Mexican food, Gluten- free tortillas, Chillies, Masa Harina, etc.

Money Trasfer

Send money to your friends and family almost anywhere in the world.

Fresh Meat

Sanjha Bazaar's fresh meat sector offering an extensive line of beef, chicken, lamb and marinated products.

Pennsylvania Lottery

You can also buy Pennsylvania lottery tickets at our store.